AIS helps the country’s largest automotive lenders maximize their portfolios’ net income while staying compliant with leading data, technology, legal and outsourcing solutions.


Record delinquency rates and flattening sales have presented the US auto finance industry with a unique set of challenges. Lenders must maintain profitability and manage lending costs, in order to succeed in a highly-competitive environment. However, with growing capacity constraints and outdated practices and technology, those goals are becoming more and more difficult and have many lenders looking for external partners who can help cut costs while improving operational effectiveness.

AIS gives auto lenders access to expertise in areas that are not their core competency. We enable our clients to confidently hit their profitability and compliance targets by sharing analytics, software, and industry knowledge that is not readily available to them within their existing servicing model.


We’ve partnered with five of the 10 largest auto brands to provide high-quality, low cost data, technology, loan servicing, and legal solutions.  While we are capable of supporting basic staffing needs across various business units, our core auto finance solutions are centered on delivering value in the default space.

We offer data integration capabilities that allow auto lenders to monitor bankruptcy case activity, including new filings and updates, docket entries and court documents.

We exceed the most stringent service level requirements of leading automotive companies when providing premium bankruptcy services and legal support.

Bankruptcy Services

  • Bankruptcy Notification
  • Docket Monitoring
  • Chapter 7 Asset Monitoring
  • Reaffirmation Attainment
  • Plan Review
  • Surrender & Settlement Negotiations
  • POC Prep & Filing
  • Transfer of Claim Filing
  • Proof of Claim Amendment
  • Payment Processing
  • Mail Processing
  • Notice of Address Change
  • Repossession & Remarketing Support

Legal Support Services

  • Motion for Relief
  • Objection to Plan
  • Motion to Value/Lien Avoidance
  • Proofs of Claim
  • Response to Objection to POC
  • Affidavit/Pleading Management
  • Total Loss and Insurance matters
  • Substitution of Collateral
  • Motions to Redeem 
  • Complaint to Discharge
  • Adversary Proceedings
  • Motions for Contempt
  • Orders to Show Cause


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