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AIS gives telecom companies access to intelligent insights, automation, and staffing solutions to manage growing customer portfolios in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


We transform businesses with digital and human capabilities, helping global telco brands manage fraud and uncollectible debt issues and improve the customer lifecycle. We partner with telecom companies looking for intelligent automation to increase operational efficiency while keeping costs low. We implement and manage digital and workforce strategies that accelerate growth and streamline business processes.


Our solutions deliver greater business value with an ideal blend of data & analytics, technology, and sound domain knowledge. Our experts work alongside your team to effectively address critical business problems, mapping out processes, identifying breaks and areas of risk, and proposing potential solutions.

Case Study: A New Approach to Data Integration

One of the world’s largest telecommunications providers partnered with AIS to implement a bankruptcy monitoring solution that did not require any of its customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to be shared outside of its own network.

See how this new approach ensured data security, expedited the notification process, lowered the provider’s exposure to stay violations, and increased its recoveries on bankruptcy debt.

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