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Managed Services & RPA solutions that lower back-office costs, improve quality, and mitigate risk.

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While sprinting to complete their modernization journey, banks must also continue managing legacy back-office processes using antiquated systems that require manual intervention.

With only so many resources and hours in a day, banks require fast, easy-to-implement solutions that can generate immediate cost savings and improve scalability.

AIS works with banks to increase bandwidth, enhance controls and reduce expenses with a blend of on-demand human resources and process automation.


For banks, AIS impacts more than just the bottom line. We help executives and process owners enhance work quality, increase processing speeds, and focus on their core objectives.

Our banking domain experts serve as an extension of your operations while we search for opportunities to build and deploy RPA solutions for additional efficiency gains.

We partner with our clients to automate their operations model, overcome staffing shortages and hiring challenges, and transform legacy processes to improve bank efficiency. 

Managed Services: Our team integrates with your existing business environment to manage your service, fulfillment and administrative processes from end to end. 

Process Automation: We utilize our staff of software engineers to build RPA and integrated workflow solutions to further optimize your back-office. 

Staff Augmentation: We recruit, train and allocate specialized talent to fill immediate gaps for your project-based or full-time staffing requirements.

Learn how we create quick wins for our clients

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Case Study - Bank Bot Automation


AIS helps community bank deploy Positive Pay Treasury Ops bot automation.

Executive Q&A


Former bank CIO shares his experiences workig with providers who can both manage and automate back-office processes.

Case Study - Managed Services


AIS significantly reduces operating expenses by staffing regional bank's back office with expert talent..



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Manage Your Back-Office With Skilled Banking Expertise

For over 20 years, AIS has managed manual, back-office processes for financial institutions across the United States.

Our trained operations specialists support over 150 essential banking processes across multiple business functions such as: Deposits, Treasury Ops, Loan Ops, Credit Admin, Finance, Mortgage, Enterprise Risk Management, and Branch Admin.

  • Banking domain experts are 100% college-educated
  • 30% of team has obtained a secondary degree
  • Enables 24x7 production capabilities
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Banking Transformation | Simplify Automation

Increase Your Process Automation Capabilities

We partner with banks to build RPA and workflow solutions to streamline operations and increae efficiencies. We help clients identify RPA-eligible processes and develop, deploy, and maintain automation that sits on top of the client's core banking systems.

  • Utilize UiPath and other leading RPA suites
  • Build and maintain bots for unit processing or licensing fee
  • Provide programming resources to support in-house RPA teams

Augment Staffing for Urgent Business Needs

We supply specialized talent to fill immediate staffing gaps that often reduce payroll costs by as much as 50%. AIS resources possess the necessary banking expertise and skill sets to effectively consult with your team, enabling a seamless fit into your existing organizational structure.

  • Transfer the burdens associated with recruiting and hiring
  • Supports Operations, Quality Control and IT/IS positions
  • Project-based or full-time staffing engagements
Banking Transformation | Transform Legacy Processes



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