Banking Transformation

Blending technology and talent to reduce expenses and optimize efficiency


Process automation and managed services that lower loan administration costs by as much as 50%.

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Banks are sprinting to complete their modernization journey. But in the meantime, they must continue managing legacy back-office processes using antiquated systems that require manual labor. Banks only have so many resources and hours in a day so they need fast, easy-to-implement solutions that generate immediate cost savings. Using our banking workforce and RPA solutions, AIS helps financial institutions stay focused on their strategic journey while we manage the mundane.


AIS works with financial firms to deploy strategies that accelerate business growth and profitability through innovative technology and workforce solutions. We manage the day-to-day work so our banking clients can focus on growing their business.

We integrate technology to maximize operational performance across the lending lifecycle. Utilizing our process engineers, we document and redesign your legacy procedures removing waste and inefficiency. Where automation cannot be deployed, our operations associates manage the process and exceed client-defined quality goals.

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Automate Your Operations Model

We partner with banks to build and integrate technology to enhance operational performance. Our robust team of software engineers develops tactical automation to fit your operating model. We design banking automation solutions to further your efficiency gains and expense reduction across all loan administration processes. Our custom bots handle up to 80% of the work previously managed by your associates.

Banking Transformation | Automate Operations Models
Banking Transformation | Overcome Staffing Challenges

Augment Your Staffing to Overcome Hiring Challenges

When critical operations require a human touch, our versatile team of banking experts are there 24/7 to manage the process and exceed client-defined quality targets. We recruit and develop highly skilled talent, with 100% of our workforce having college degrees and 30% obtaining advanced degrees. Our Associates can address your immediate talent gaps and improve profitability when paired with advancing technology in operations.

Transform Your Legacy Processes

Financial institutions often lack the data and resources to identify opportunities for automation and outsourcing. Our Lean Six Sigma certified process engineers document your existing procedures, pinpoint risks and inefficiencies, and recommend strategies to optimize quality and reduce costs. We equip bank decision makers with forward-thinking analytics including time-motion studies, critical to quality metrics, capacity trends, and cost per unit tracking.

Banking Transformation | Transform Legacy Processes


Case Study: Cost-Effective Solution for NOC Monitoring

A leading regional bank with nearly $19 billion in assets and more than 90 branches partnered with AIS to expand its Network Operations Center (NOC).

Bank leadership wanted to explore outsourcing opportunities to support their in-house IT team, as they focused on broader growth initiatives for the organization.

Learn how AIS helped the bank unlock its full potential with 24x7x365 monitoring and support. Read More



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