We have re-engineered traditional legal processes, incorporating new technology and automation to reduce cycle times and improve controls and compliance.  We created AIS Law, LLP to manage all bankruptcy matters on a national level and help us drive down costs and maintain client-defined quality. AIS consistently delivers on key legal metrics that bring true value to our clients.

  • 30% average cost savings on litigation services
    Direct benefit of Legal Trac technology and AIS Law LLP expertise
  • 98% average post-filing quality score
    Improved service levels when measured against industry output
  • As soon as 4 days from assignment receipt to filing
    Software and process redesign compress filing period


Based in Washington, D.C., AIS Law, LLP, has a national footprint for representing creditors in bankruptcy and related litigation matters. The firm emphasizes cost control and compliance, focusing on attorney-required work like document review, filings and court appearances…all of which are managed in the AIS Legal Trac software.

With AIS Law, clients have a single-source solution for legal matters, simplifying the attorney management process in terms of accountability, quality measurement and communications.

Brand protection and reputation (yours and ours) is paramount. The legal team places more eyes on files, adding needed quality control and oversight to the process.

Throughout the process, clients need never speculate about the status of a referral or an action taken. Updates, progress and outcomes are captured AIS Legal Trac and reporting is available to view in customized online dashboards.

Bankruptcy Legal Services include:

  • Motion for Relief
  • Objection to Plan
  • Motion to Value/Lien Avoidance
  • Proofs of Claim
  • Response to Objection to POC
  • Affidavit/Pleading Management
  • Total Loss and Insurance Matters
  • Substitution of Collateral
  • Motions to Redeem
  • Complaint to Discharge
  • Adversary Proceedings
  • Motions for Contempt
  • Orders to Show Cause


Utilizing our subject-matter expertise, data and software capabilities, and regulatory relationships, AIS Law, LLP can design and execute your bankruptcy remediation plan – start to finish – while advising you on potential legal implications along the way. We can support:

  • Initial Bankruptcy Case Research and Data Compilation
  • Account/Loan Audits and Case Analysis
  • Amended Filings, Transfers, Refunds and Redaction Efforts
  • Trustee Communication, Litigation Oversight and Regulator Management

To ensure complete transparency throughout the process, we maintain constant communication with our clients. We share a complete reporting package which includes:

  • Project Dashboards
  • Daily Status Updates
  • Overall Status Briefings
  • Account/Claim Level Data


AIS identified an opportunity to innovate and redesign the way bankruptcy referrals are managed. We placed software and intelligent automation at the core of our legal support services.

AIS Legal Trac is a web-based application with built-in workflows and court document generation tools that guides the court filing process from start to finish. Designed with our clients and attorneys in mind, this software drives the preparation and filing process for Motions for Relief and Plan Objections.

Legal Trac sets AIS apart by expediting the legal process, increasing quality controls, and bringing clear visibility into legal performance.

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Our back-office delivery center has experienced, administrative resources that support all non-attorney, quality control activities. Our specialized team of highly-skilled associates handles a variety of functions, ensuring that the necessary QC measures are in place and client-defined objectives are met. The team is trained and guided by the attorneys at AIS Law, LLP and serve as a reliable support function.


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