For almost 20 years, AIS has developed and acquired the necessary capabilities to support our client’s bankruptcy information, software, servicing and legal needs. When managing bankruptcy processes on behalf of our client’s, we focus on maximizing their portfolios’ net income while maintaining compliance.

We provide cradle-to-grave bankruptcy services to leading Auto Finance, Mortgage, Consumer Credit and Telecommunications brands. No one else in the market can match our set of capabilities.


To service loans in-house, lenders must purchase bankruptcy data, which can be a high variable cost that negatively impacts the bottom line. By owning and managing the industry-leading bankruptcy database, AIS has a fixed data expense, allowing us to pass those savings on to our clients when servicing their loans in bankruptcy.

We collect and integrate court data into all of our bankruptcy servicing software and systems. AIS captures EVERY docket entry, on EVERY case, EVERY day. We retrieve case status, court documents, debtor, attorney, and trustee information, while also managing our clients’ physical mail, EBN email, CM/ECF email and EBN-EDI feed.

AIS monitors your portfolio and sends you electronic notifications for any of your customers that have filed for bankruptcy, along with updates on all relevant bankruptcy docket events.


We have built bankruptcy technology that our clients do not have access to, due to budgetary and IT constraints. Our proprietary software makes bankruptcy work repeatable and removes variability.

Smart Automation and robotics handle 70% of the work that associates used to do. And we utilize our highly-skilled workforce for the balance of the work that requires manual intervention.

We’ve developed cloud-enabled database solutions, workflow-based software applications, and easy-to-navigate online interfaces to support our bankruptcy servicing model…all with the objective of helping our team work safer, smarter and faster.

Solutions that have led to better quality, lower costs and faster delivery when supporting our full-service bankruptcy partners include:

POC Engine

  • Improves quality  |  Avg. Defect Rate = < 0.03%
  • Reduces cycle time  |  Avg. Petition to Filing Date = 12 days

Legal Trac

  • Enables 30% average savings on litigation costs
  • As soon as 4 days from assignment receipt to filing

BK Tri Packet

  • Raised AIS’ average reaffirmation rate
  • Primary support tool for AIS’s proactive strategy for Chapter 7 "Resolution,” Saves money and manpower

BK Event Tracking

  • 50% savings compared to data and labor costs required for manual docket reviews 
  • Monitors and pushes docket events so immediate action can be taken on urgent matters


AIS has developed bankruptcy servicing practices that create tangible value for our clients. We incorporate a disciplined, data-driven approach to eliminate defects by mapping all processes, identifying risk and inefficiencies, inserting control points, and monitoring work quality.

In terms of operational excellence, we understand the legal and regulatory requirements of bankruptcy and provide real-time dashboards with KPIs and CTQs so our clients know we are delivering customer-defined quality. Using a blended delivery model led by Texas-based personnel, AIS maintains a 99.4% accuracy rating in all processes.

Scaling quickly with quality talent is not an issue for AIS, thanks to a local, top-ranked university graduating over 22,000 candidates annually. We recruit, train, and manage highly-skilled and motivated people. 100% of our team has college degrees, with 30% having advanced degrees.

We leverage visual tools to effectively communicate work quality, making Tableau reporting and client dashboards available through our AIS Online system. This gives our clients a clear line of sight into the work that’s being done on their portfolios. We track national filings trends, activation volumes, claims analysis, reaffirmation rates, litigation activity, and any additional metrics required by the client.

Bankruptcy Services include:

  • Bankruptcy Notification
  • Docket Monitoring
  • Chapter 7 Asset Monitoring
  • Reaffirmation Attainment
  • Plan Review
  • Proof of Claim Prep & Filing
  • Transfer of Claim Filing
  • Proof of Claim Amendment
  • Claim Objection Resolution
  • Pencil Ledgers/Loan Audits/Reconciliations
  • Payment Change Notifications
  • Notice of Final Cure Response
  • Post-Petition Fee Notices
  • Payment Processing
  • Mail Processing
  • Notice of Address Change
  • Repossession & Remarketing Support
  • Surrender & Settlement Negotiations


We possess the necessary legal expertise to manage the bankruptcy process, offering full litigation management in all bankruptcy jurisdictions. We have re-engineered legal processes and incorporated new technology to drive down costs, improve controls and reduce cycle times. AIS consistently delivers on key litigation metrics that matter most to our clients.

  • 30% average cost savings on litigation services
    Direct benefit of Legal Trac technology and AIS expertise
  • 98% average post-filing quality score
    Improved service levels when measured against industry output
  • As soon as 4 days from assignment receipt to filing
    Software and process redesign compress filing period

We placed software and intelligent automation at the core of our legal support services, redefining the way bankruptcy referrals are managed.

AIS Legal Trac is a web-based application with built-in workflows and court document generation tools that guides the bankruptcy legal process from start to finish. Motions for Relief and Plan Objections are systemically prepared and filed inside our software.

Learn more about AIS Legal Trac 

AIS retained counsel emphasizes cost control and compliance, focusing on attorney-required work such as document review, filings and court appearances…all of which are managed in the AIS Legal Trac software.

Our back-office delivery center has experienced, administrative resources that support all non-attorney activities and quality control. Our specialized team of highly-skilled associates handles a variety of functions, ensuring that the necessary QC measures are in place and client-defined objectives are met. The team is trained and guided by the attorneys and serves as a reliable support funciton.

Throughout the process, clients never need speculate about the status of a referral or an action taken. Updates, progress and outcomes are captured and reporting is available to view in customized online dashboards.

Bankruptcy Legal Services include:

  • Motion for Relief
  • Objection to Plan
  • Motion to Value/Lien Avoidance
  • Proofs of Claim
  • Response to Objection to POC
  • Affidavit/Pleading Management
  • Total Loss and Insurance matters
  • Substitution of Collateral
  • Motions to Redeem
  • Complaint to Discharge
  • Adversary Proceedings
  • Motions for Contempt
  • Orders to Show Cause
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