AIS supports law firms with data, technology and back-office resources that lower operating costs, streamline productivity and reduce cycle times. You'll have a worry free partner that allows you to invest time and money where it matters most…with your clients. 


Many law firms find themselves in an ongoing battle against shrinking margins in a highly-competitive market. Controlling costs is a top priority for legal professionals. But they also need the flexibility to meet unpredictable workload spikes and quality requirements on tight deadlines. We give law firms access to data and software that allows them to work smarter and faster, at a fraction of the cost. Our global collection of highly-skilled talent allows you to increase your back-office capacity without increasing your budget.


While we are capable of supporting the basic staffing needs of any legal practice, our core legal solutions are centered on delivering value in the default space.

We offer data integration capabilities that allow law firms to monitor bankruptcy case activity, including new filings and updates, docket entries and court documents.

We exceed the most stringent service level requirements of leading national firms and provide various quality control functions across a number of default areas.

  • 410A Pay History Form
  • Bankruptcy and SCRA Scrubs
  • MFR and Plan Objection Form
  • Trustee Network Coordination and Communication
  • Title Review, Analysis and Escalation
  • Title Claim Letter Preparation
  • Non-judicial Foreclosure
  • Judicial-Required Pleading


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