Professional Services to Fueling Your Business’s Profitability with Expert Talent and Automation

Fueling Your Business’s Profitability with Expert Talent and Automation


Easy-to-implement professional services to boost efficiency and decrease back-office expenses up to 50%.

Back-office operations, such as finance, IT, and administrative tasks, can often become inefficient and bloated as businesses grow. As a professional services and technology company, AIS manages these activities using skilled professionals and automation to help our clients increase margins and improve productivity. Our focus is to provide you with comprehensive support within your back-office and technical functions so you can concentrate on the core aspects of scaling your business. We create leaner operations that give businesses greater agility and flexibility to respond to market changes. Whether you're looking for cost efficiency, increased scalability or access to advanced technologies, AIS has you covered.


For growing businesses, AIS significantly influences not just profitability but also operational excellence. By combining our people and automation capabilities, we empower leaders and back-office teams to enhance the quality of their work and accelerate processes, all at a lower cost.

We collaborate with our clients to simplify their operational framework, overcome staffing obstacles, and modernize outdated practices to elevate overall business performance. 

Managed Services: Our team integrates with your existing business environment to manage your administrative processes, basic to complex, from end to end.  

Process Automation: We utilize our staff of software engineers to build RPA solutions to further optimize your back-office. 

Staff Augmentation: We recruit, train and allocate specialized talent to fill immediate gaps for your project-based or full-time staffing requirements.

Offering Professional Services in Back-Office Operations



Up to 50% reduction
in payroll cost
99.4% avg. processing
quality score
Access to on-demand
skilled resources
Automate repetitive
tasks using RPA
"Try, Before You Buy"



Professional Services for Your Finance and Accounting Back Office

Optimize Your Finance and Accounting Back Office

By leveraging our expertise and automation tools, you not only reduce overhead expenses but also enhance efficiency within your financial operations. Our service focuses on taking over the essential yet tedious activities that weigh down your internal team, from routine bookkeeping to complex compliance management.

  • Procure to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • Record to Report
  • xP&A and Compliance

Remove Inefficiencies and Streamline Your Operations

Let us redefine the way your business operates, making each process smoother, faster, and more cost-effective. From automating mundane tasks to providing "hands on” human resources, we empower your team to focus on what truly matters: driving growth and improving bottom-line results.

  • Document Management
  • Data & Inventory Management
  • Administrative Processing
  • Customer Service Support
Streamline Your Operations with our Professional Services
Professional Services to Help Your IT Budget

Tap into Our Talent Pool for Cost-Effective Technical Support

We provide clients with access to specialized talent, offering a strategic solution to fill technology gaps. AIS resources come equipped with essential technical expertise and skill sets, ready to integrate seamlessly into your team. Our staffing and support services enable a more economical allocation of your IT budget. 

  • Infrastructure Support
  • Software / Applications Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Process Engineering


A leading specialty finance company recognized the need to enhance their accounts receivable processes to stay competitive in the market.

Learn how AIS helped them streamline invoice identification, refine credit rating processing and optimize purchasing schedules with cost-efficient, hands on specialists.

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