We help the country’s largest lenders and servicers maximize their portfolios’ net income while staying compliant. We own industry-leading databases that integrate directly into our loan servicing systems ensuring we have the most accurate and timely information.

We have access to technology that our clients often do not, due to budget or IT constraints. Our loan servicing solutions reduce manual intervention through intelligent automation, improving work quality and lowering operating costs.

Human capital is also a strength of AIS loan servicing. We have a highly-scalable collection of global resources that are 100% college educated and possess the necessary skills to successfully service your consumer portfolios. 


We own and control databases that continue to outperform others in the market and serve as valuable resources when servicing loans on behalf of our clients.

To service loans in-house, lenders must purchase data, which can be a high variable cost that negatively impacts the bottom line. By owning and managing the key databases in the industries, AIS has a fixed data expense, allowing us to pass those savings on to our clients when servicing their loans.

Regular data transmission is a required with servicing client loans. We specialize in data integration and understand the importance of agility and flexibility when it comes to securely exchanging information within our clients’ IT environments.


In today’s digital world, automation through software is of the utmost importance. It’s a priority and prerequisite to achieving the servicing excellence we promise our clients. We incorporate new technologies like robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to further enhance the value of the products and services we offer.

We realize the regulatory environments, in which we operate, are not truly designed to accommodate fully-automated solutions. However, where technology can solve quality and cost issues, we will deploy it. And utilize our highly-skilled workforce for the balance of the work that requires manual intervention.

We’ve developed workflow-based software applications and easy-to-navigate online interfaces to allow our teams to work safer, smarter and faster when servicing loans.


For almost 20 years, AIS has developed and acquired the necessary capabilities to support our client’s default servicing needs.

Bankruptcy Services

We provide cradle-to-grave bankruptcy services to leading Auto Finance, Mortgage, Consumer Credit and Telecommunications brands. No one else in the market can match our set of capabilities.

We own and manage the industry’s leading bankruptcy database which gives us all the information we need to properly work your accounts. We’ve built bankruptcy and legal software that brings automation and quality control to our servicing process.

In terms of operational excellence, we understand legal and regulatory requirements and provide real-time dashboards with KPIs and CTQs so our clients know we are delivering customer-defined quality.

AIS Law, LLP, along with our back-office delivery center and proprietary legal technology, allows us to perform quality bankruptcy legal work at below-market prices.

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Estates Services

AIS offers solutions that bring a comprehensive, brand conscious approach to the deceased account servicing process. AIS collects and manages deceased data unlike any other supplier. We’ve developed a new Deceased Index to serve as an improved alternative to the eroded Social Security Death Master file (DMF). This database is unique, in terms of depth and timeliness. We’ve also built a proprietary probate database using in-person and online data collection practices and exclusive data-enhancing technology.

AIS monitors and notifies clients when their consumers are deceased. We also monitor for accounts in probate and systemically file probate claims, on behalf of the client.

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We have re-engineered traditional legal processes, incorporating new technology and automation to reduce cycle times and improve controls and compliance.  We created AIS Law, LLP to manage all bankruptcy matters and help us drive down costs and maintain client-defined quality. 

AIS Legal Trac is a web-based application with built-in workflows and court document generation tools that guides the motion and objection filing process from start to finish.

Our back-office delivery center has experienced, administrative resources that support all non-attorney activities.

AIS consistently delivers on key litigation metrics that bring true value to our clients.

  • 30% average cost savings on litigation services
    Direct benefit of Legal Trac technology and AIS Law LLP expertise
  • 98% average post-filing quality score
    Improved service levels when measured against industry output
  • As soon as 4 days from assignment receipt to filing
    Software and process redesign compresses filing period
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