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Deceased Data Solutions from AIS are the answer for optimizing your due diligence processes to mitigate financial loss and improve compliance.

AIS collects and manages deceased data unlike any other supplier. We’ve developed an enhanced Deceased Index to serve as an improved alternative to the eroded Social Security Death Master file (DMF). This database is unique, in terms of depth and timeliness.

In addition to the DMF, AIS incorporates other data sources such as Probate Courts and Obituaries. These records are appended with unique social security numbers to enhance match quality and improve confidence.

Nearly 90% of records are collected within two weeks of Date of Death and our database has reported ten times more matches when tested against other data providers.We monitor client portfolios and provide notifications when a deceased record is identified for one of their customers. Clients may also access our AIS Online system to search for decedent records.


Deceased Notification

We monitor client portfolios daily for deceased activity. Using our proprietary SmartMatch technology, we confidently match deceased records to client records and notify them electronically so they can properly status the account.

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Data Integration | AIS Online

AIS Online

AIS Online is a web-based application that allows users to conduct one-off searches to confirm if an account holder is deceased.

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