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AIS maximizes business process performance by delivering high-quality, low-cost solutions to financial institutions using our market-leading data, technology and servicing expertise. We provide essential insight, guidance and solutions for exceeding mission-critical goals and objectives.


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We assemble and maintain market-leading databases containing an incomparable breadth of information. We can deliver data to our clients using on premise/cloud-based systems, batch processes or online applications. Our data is directly integrated within all of our loan servicing software and systems.



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We build and share technology with our clients that improves work performance and increases operational controls. We bring intelligent automation to areas within client organizations that often lack the budget or resources to deploy customized solutions. 



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We utilize proven servicing practices and proprietary software to manage consumer and business loans, on behalf of our clients. We have created a truly unique, cradle-to-grave approach by blending data and technology with an engaged workforce and sound legal team. 



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We have re-engineered legal processes and incorporated new technology to drive down costs, improve controls and reduce cycle times. We possess the necessary domain knowledge and expertise to offer sound litigation management, with retained counsel reviewing and filing documents in all state and federal jurisdictions. 



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We provide strategic staffing solutions that help clients increase productivity and quality while shrinking payroll costs. By coupling expert talent with technology solutions, we efficiently manage the day-to-day work so our clients can focus on growing their business. 





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