VIDEO: Doing Business Better with AIS

VIDEO:  Doing Business Better with AIS

At AIS, our business is helping our clients do business better. Now, more than ever, businesses are being tested and impacted in countless ways.  By pairing software robotics with expert talent, we help organizations scale quickly and reduce expenses within loan administration and default legal processes.  Learn how you can partner with AIS today.  Watch Video

VIDEO: AIS Banking Transformation

VIDEO:  Banking Transformation

When it comes to banking transformation, AIS blends tech and talent to optimize efficiency and cut loan servicing costs up to 50%. We develop software robotics with AI that integrate with core banking systems, automating up to 80% of loan admin work, at a 99.4% accuracy rating, across 170 banking processes.  So, how do we do it?  Watch Video


VIDEO: Auto Finance Bankruptcy Servicing

 VIDEO:  Bankruptcy Servicing Solutions for Auto Finance

Through proprietary tech and process engineering, AIS helps auto finance companies lower costs, improve work quality and deliver faster results. We’ve been a trusted industry partner for over 20 years providing services to 6 of the 10 largest auto lenders. So…how did we get to that point? By simply enhancing the standard industry model for bankruptcy servicing with market-leading data, automation and talent.  Watch Video

VIDEO: Personalized Legal Services with Cutting-Edge Technology

VIDEO:  Personalized Legal Services with Cutting-Edge Technology

AIS Law, LLP is a creditors' rights firm that offers default legal services on a national scale.  By combining the best of the legal and business worlds, AIS Law optimizes litigation strategies and removes the cost and inefficiencies of traditional firms.  The incorporation of technology not only enhances lawyer performance, but also significantly reduces legal fees lenders and servicers.  Learn how you can partner with AIS Law, LP today.  Watch Video

VIDEO: Introducing AIS Legal Trac

VIDEO:  Introducing AIS Legal Trac

AIS Law, LLP has re-engineered traditional bankruptcy legal processes, incorporating new technology and automation.  Using proprietary software called Legal Trac, AIS Law has helped clients save an average of 30% on litigation costs, retain a 99% post-filing quality score, and file as soon as four days after assignment receipt.  Learn how Legal Trac optimizes AIS Law’s bankruptcy litigation performance for creditors.  Watch Video




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