October 2, 2023

Congress Averts Government Shutdown With Last-Minute Votes

If you saw the AIS video on what happens during a federal government shutdown, you know there has been lot of controversy and political machinations going on in Washington, D.C., lately. The latest surprise occurred over the weekend: the shutdown was temporarily averted.

With only hours to spare before the federal government was scheduled to run out of appropriated funds, the House passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) on Saturday afternoon to fund the government through November 17th. The Senate quickly took up the House measure and approved it in the evening. The President then signed the bill before the midnight deadline. A government shutdown was thereby averted – for about six more weeks. A lot of political jockeying is expected during that time as Congress tries to work through a number of policy issues, such as aid to Ukraine and border security. There may also be attempts to remove the Speaker of the House for passing the CR. 

Stay tuned and we will update you on the latest maneuvering on Capitol Hill.   





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