AIS offers data and servicing solutions that bring a comprehensive, brand conscious approach to deceased account management. Our clients have access to our Deceased Index database and probate claims management service.


AIS collects and manages deceased data unlike any other supplier. Our newly-enhanced Deceased Index captures three times as many records as the Social Security Administration (SSA) on an annual basis. We’ve also built a proprietary probate database using in-person and online data collection practices and exclusive data-enhancing technology.

We monitor client portfolios daily for deceased activity. Using our proprietary SmartMatch technology, we confidently match deceased records to client records and notify them electronically so they can properly status the account and take the appropriate action.

Clients have the option to transmit or access our deceased and probate data through AIS Data One, Store & Forward, Batch, API/XML or AIS Online.

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Powered by one of the industry's best probate databases, AIS offers a full-service, claims administration solution that simplifies the probate process, mitigates reputational risk and elevates returns.

AIS assembles and manages probate data using in-person and online data collection practices and exclusive data-enhancing technology. Our proprietary data, state-of-the-art systems and reliable legal resources enable us to provide the most compliant and profitable probate claim filing solution in the industry.

AIS monitors and performs routine scrubs of client portfolios to identify all probate matches. Our probate claim software systematically generates claim forms and confirms county-specific filing requirements are met. Our process ensures that all claims are filed within the Statute of Limitations and prior to mandatory deadlines. AIS tracks disallowances and executor payments.



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