Bankruptcy Servicing Unsecured Creditors

Maximize your portfolio’s net income with data, technology and outsourcing solutions


Operations and IT solutions that deliver the lowest cost per unit at client-defined quality levels.

Banks continuously face challenges to reduce overhead costs and improve efficiencies. Operating models are changing and banks are feeling pressure, as traditional sources of profitability wane. For financial institutions to compete and achieve sustainable success, they must be agile and continuously innovate. AIS helps financial institutions deal with profitability targets, efficiency goals and growth strategies. Our services drive banking transformation with lower cost, better quality and faster delivery.


Bankruptcy Monitoring & Notification

  • Monitors your portfolio daily for bankruptcy activity
  • Proprietary database contains the latest case information
  • Retrieves all new filings, docket events and case updates daily
  • SmartMatch technology ensures record matching accuracy
  • Notifies you proactively so you can properly status accounts

Bankruptcy Monitoring & Notification
Proof of Claim Management

Proof of Claim Management

  • Software systemically generates all required documents
  • QC checks for prior discharges, statute of limitations and duplicate claims
  • Claim validation by AIS bankruptcy specialists, prior to filing
  • Client approval feature via AIS Online system, prior to filing
  • Overall POC objection rate under 1%


Mail Processing

AIS streamlines your mail management process by safely capturing, digitizing and indexing your bankruptcy correspondence in a centralized location. To ensure accuracy, we’ve implemented a three-tiered QC system that audits 100% of all documents. We receive EBN and ECF email, along with client-scanned mail and documents delivered directly to our mail center. These items are tagged through a mix of manual review and OCR technologies, where we verify details and assign court, case number, and type. Documents are linked to the corresponding case and available to view under the "Mail” tab on AIS Online. 

Mail Processing
Legal Support

Legal Support

AIS monitors for objections and all correspondence that can impact a claim. We handle court notices, collect additional information and documentation, prepare responses, and amend or withdraw POCs, when necessary. In the rare event escalation is needed, our in-house legal team expedites resolution on the issue. 


Payment Processing

After a claim has been filed, AIS tracks the case and funds through case completion. All money is received through an insured postal lock box and deposited into a client bank account. Payment data is posted, processed, and validated automatically in AIS’ accounting system and reconciled systemically with the bank account’s activity. Accounting entries are then posted in your system of record and funds are remitted. This process significantly reduces the time and resources you would traditionally need to accurately post payments.


Payment Processing



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