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For 20 years, AIS has helped clients manage their bankruptcy case work with the utmost care, making certain that their portfolios are updated with the latest bankruptcy information.

AIS Bankruptcy Monitoring & Identification delivers automated, electronic notifications for any of your customers that have filed for bankruptcy, along with updates on all relevant bankruptcy docket events.


Clients have the option to transmit or access bankruptcy data in a variety of ways.  

  • Data One:  A cloud-ready system that resides behind a client’s firewall, clients receive bankruptcy case information without sending customer data outside of their IT environment.
  • Store & Forward:  Clients transmit a file to be securely housed at AIS, processed daily and returned with the latest bankruptcy case information.
  • Batch:  Clients utilize an on-demand process to upload a file for scrubbing, where customer information is not retained and a file is returned with the latest bankruptcy case information.
  • AIS Online:  Clients can perform one-off searches in our web-based portal to locate cases to verify data and review court documents
  • API/XML: Real-time access to bankruptcy data can be provided via Web services

Our industry-preferred bankruptcy database utilizes a direct connection to the Federal Bankruptcy Court system to collect and store all new filings and updates to cases in progress on a daily basis.

We monitor client portfolios daily for bankruptcy activity. Using our proprietary SmartMatch technology, we confidently match bankruptcy records to client records and notify them electronically so they can properly status the account and take the appropriate action. Standard notification types include:
  • Petition
  • Discharge
  • Dismissal
  • Close
  • Termination
  • Transfer
  • Re-open
  • Conversion

Enhanced docket monitoring services are also available through AIS Bankruptcy Event Tracking. AIS captures every docket entry, on every case, every day.

Powered by docket key word logic, Event Tracking scans docket entries and places critical docket matters into customized work queues so the client can review and take immediate action. The same information can also be provided in a client-preferred output file format. 


  • Data One increases your organization’s ability to safeguard customer information
  • SmartMatch reduces manual match review rate by as much as 90%
  • Up to 30% cheaper than other docket monitoring products
  • 79.75% of bankruptcy notifications collected faster than EBN process
  • Delivers notices even when a creditor is not listed by a debtor
  • Proprietary QC process ensures you only receive docket updates for your loans
  • More than 50 event categories to pick from, fully customizable by client


The AIS data management team has worked extensively to create safe, compliant methods for exchanging the highest quality of data at the most competitive price.

  • On-premise capabilities minimize risk associated with other data providers
  • Matching accuracy eliminates time and people required for manual reviews 
  • Significant data cost save for clients who bundle with AIS Loan Servicing solutions


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