Most experts see US commercial bankruptcies climbing into the millions within the next 12 months. During this time, lenders will need tools for gaining visibility into common business lending blind spots. With the right data, commercial bankers will be able to position their organization for growth after the downturn.

AIS supports many financial institutions that provide Account Receivable loans to their commercial banking customers. Our Early Warning loan monitoring service provides direct insight into bankruptcy activity for Account Receivable lines of credit. Proactive scanning and timely alerts will allow financial institutions to take immediate action on adjusting credit lines accordingly. Thus, allowing lenders to avoid any surprises and financial pitfalls during these uncertain times. 



AIS Early Warning proactively monitors every company listed in the expected receivables pool and notifies the lender when a bankruptcy is filed. AIS SmarMatch, our proprietary matching logic, ensures the utmost confidence when matching our bankruptcy information to the companies on your A/R lists. The system scans court dockets daily and escalates critical matters, so you can take immediate action. We offer convenient data transmission capabilities to meet specific client needs, including:

  •  Store & Forward: AIS houses client file and proactively sends notifications showing which businesses and/or business owners have filed for bankruptcy
  • Batch Scrub: Client delivers a file containing account information to be scrubbed against our proprietary bankruptcy database, account information is not retained, and notifications are sent showing which customers are bankrupt
  • AIS Online: Clients are able to conduct one-off searches in our user interface to review bankruptcy case information, docket entries and court documents. 
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  • Gain visibility into common commercial lending blind spots 
  • Mitigate collateral and credit risks
  • Create early indicators to adjust credit lines accordingly
  • Additional ability to provide information on tax liens and judgments upon lender’s request
  • Standard bankruptcy notifications that can be sent daily, weekly or monthly include: 
  • Petition
  • Discharge
  • Dismissal 
  • Close 
  • Termination 
  • Transfer
  • Re-Open 
  • Conversion


  • Cost Savings:  On average, our bankruptcy monitoring solutions are up to 30% cheaper than other products
  • Matching Accuracy:  Our proprietary matching logic, SmartMatch, reduces manual match review rate by as much as 90%
  • Flexible Configuration:  Our solutions are customizable and can be calibrated to meet the requirements of our clients
  • Industry Experts:  With data collection roots reaching back as far as 1990, AIS clearly understands the importance of delivering accurate and timely data in an easy-to-consume format


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