Banking Transformation



Blending Technology and Talent to Reduce Back-Office Expenses and Optimize Efficiency 

Banks are sprinting to complete their modernization journey. But in the meantime, they must continue managing legacy back-office processes using antiquated systems that require manual labor. Banks only have so many resources and hours in a day so they need fast, easy-to-implement solutions that generate immediate cost savings. AIS is a Texas-based fintech firm committed to lowering operating costs, improving quality and reducing cycle time with back-officeautomation, highly skilled talent and standardized reporting and analytics solutions. We perform high-quality, labor-intensive services at a fraction of your current cost. We build technology to automate and optimize workforce performance. We recruit, train, and manage skilled human resources to meet staff augmentation needs.



VIDEO: Doing Business Better with AIS

VIDEO:  Doing Business Better with AIS

At AIS, our business is helping our clients do business better. Now, more than ever, businesses are being tested and impacted in countless ways.  By pairing software robotics with expert talent, we help organizations scale quickly and reduce expenses within loan administration and default legal processes.  Learn how you can partner with AIS today.  Watch Video

VIDEO: AIS Banking Transformation

VIDEO:  Banking Transformation

When it comes to banking transformation, AIS blends tech and talent to optimize efficiency and cut loan servicing costs up to 50%. We develop software robotics with AI that integrate with core banking systems, automating up to 80% of loan admin work, at a 99.4% accuracy rating, across 170 banking processes.  So, how do we do it?  Watch Video


VIDEO: Auto Finance Bankruptcy Servicing

VIDEO: Lockbox Bot Demo

Lockbox is a post-office box that is accessible by a bank. Customers send payments to the P.O. Box and the bank collects and processes the payments directly and deposits them into the account. The Lockbox process has financial documents which are reviewed and validated where Invoice number, Remitter’s name and amount are captured in the system.  Watch Video

VIDEO: Personalized Legal Services with Cutting-Edge Technology

VIDEO: Positive Pay Bot Demo

When it comes to Deposit Operations, we offer both Positive Pay Pre-Scrub and Post-Scrub services. In Positive Pay Pre-Scrub, we do a comparison of the payment checks. We verify the issue payee name from the image of the bank's check with database given in the bank's business banking platform. For Positive Pay Post-Scrub, we review positive pay decisions and send checks to customers for payment decisions if needed.   Watch Video






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