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With the AIS POC Engine for Auto Finance, we have developed a comprehensive bankruptcy claims solution set that systemically generates all required documents and ensures that filings are completed in the most accurate, timely and compliant fashion.

To improve quality and reduce cycle, AIS blends intelligent automation with meticulous quality control touchpoints to confirm that all regulatory requirements are being met.


AIS has built sophisticated, scalable systems for filing proofs of claim that support both secured and unsecured bankruptcy debt.

The process begins with our clients securely transmitting the data and documents needed to file a claim, which is then boarded in our systems of record. Debtor information and documents, along with case information from our proprietary bankruptcy database, is fed directly into our POC engine.

The platforms systemically generate all court-approved documents and conduct multiple QC checks before filing electronically with court. Built-in workflows drive the review and approval process and can be customized to meet the requirements of each client.

Visual management tools are available through AIS Online, giving clients a clear line of sight into claim filing volumes, status, liquidation projections, etc.


  • Software handles formatting and direct electronic delivery of POCs to all courts
  • Files claims on chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13s
  • Generates 410 form with redacted supporting documents (contract, title, statement of accounts etc.)
  • Multi-point audit process to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Supports a variety of methods for transmitting required data and documents
  • Performs statute of limitation and prior bankruptcy scrubs before filing
  • Monitors for objections and correspondence that can impact a claim
  • Allows amendments or withdrawals 


AIS is currently the largest filer of bankruptcy proofs of claim in the country and we’ve been servicing claims for leading financial institutions since 2007.

Our POC software, and its ability to pull data directly from our bankruptcy database, has allowed AIS to exceed the quality and cycle time metrics required by our clients.

For example, here’s a snapshot of our claim filing performance for our auto finance partners.

  • <0.30% = Average defect rate
  • 12 days = Average petition to filing
  • 99.9% = POCs filed prior to bar date
  • 57 days = Average time filed before bar date


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