We build and share technology with organizations that often lack the budget or resources to deploy customized solutions. We install intelligent automation that improves work performance and ensures regulatory compliance. We partner to transform ideas into new financial and legal technologies that create value and make businesses more profitable.


In today’s digital world, automation through software is of the utmost importance. It’s a priority and prerequisite to achieving the servicing excellence we promise our clients. That’s why AIS invests heavily in programming talent, infrastructure and information systems. We’ve opened a new Technology Hub in Gurugram, giving us a presence in one of the premier locations in India for diverse IT skill sets. This investment has provided AIS access to leading IT talent that can be deployed internally or utilized to quickly staff quality, technology-based positions through our BPO model.


We have a strong understanding of how our applications align to the business needs of the industries we serve. We incorporate new technologies like robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to further enhance the value of the products and services we offer. We realize the regulatory environments, in which we operate, are not truly designed to accommodate fully-automated solutions. However, where digital capabilities can solve quality and cost issues, we will deploy them. And utilize our highly-skilled workforce for the balance of the work that requires manual intervention. We’ve developed cloud-enabled database solutions, workflow-based software applications, and easy-to-navigate online systems to help companies work safer, smarter and faster.


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