Blending Technology and Talent to Reduce Expenses and Increase Productivity 

The mortgage industry finds itself in a challenging position, as regulations have never been stricter. Mortgage firms require digital and human capabilities to increase profitability and improve operational efficiency. They need flexible solutions that allow for quick, controlled changes without significant administrative burden.

By combining our technology, domain expertise, and highly-skilled workforce, AIS allows mortgage companies to lower operating costs and service loans more effectively. We allow you to increase your productivity and capacity without increasing your budget.


VIDEO: Doing Business Better with AIS

VIDEO:  Doing Business Better with AIS

At AIS, our business is helping our clients do business better. Now, more than ever, businesses are being tested and impacted in countless ways.  By pairing software robotics with expert talent, we help organizations scale quickly and reduce expenses within loan administration and default legal processes.  Learn how you can partner with AIS today.  Watch Video

VIDEO: AIS Banking Transformation

VIDEO:  Banking Transformation

When it comes to banking transformation, AIS blends tech and talent to optimize efficiency and cut loan servicing costs up to 50%. We develop software robotics with AI that integrate with core banking systems, automating up to 80% of loan admin work, at a 99.4% accuracy rating, across 170 banking processes.  So, how do we do it?  Watch Video




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A new regulation in the State of California required a leading mortgage servicer to ensure all modification documents were printed in the same language as the original loan.

Failure to comply would result in stiff penalties. The mortgage servicer turned to AIS for a language detection solution to review 580,000 document within 50 days.  Read More

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A leading mortgage servicer with over 3 million customers acquired servicing rights for a new portfolio of approximately 7,000 bankrupt loans.

To meet regulatory requirements, audits needed to be conducted and ledgers created for each loan to ensure every post-bankruptcy filing transaction was accurate. Learn why this home loan servicer turned to AIS and how its proven team of loan auditing experts completed the complex project within a 45-day timeframe.  Read More




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