The high liquidity of probated estates has motivated many organizations to implement specific strategies for identifying and servicing probate accounts. However, limited operational resources and diminishing deceased data sources have prevented creditors from realizing the true financial potential of their probate population. Powered by one of the industry's best probate database, American InfoSource (AIS) offers a full-service, claims administration solution that simplifies the probate process, mitigates reputational risk and elevates returns from this channel.


AIS believes that specialized processing is needed for probate accounts, and issuers who deploy a focused, database-driven strategy on their probate segment will realize a significant lift in recovery.

AIS excels in data accumulation of probated estates, identifying probate as it occurs within a portfolio, and driving recovery for the probate segment through servicing. Our proprietary data, state-of-the-art systems and reliable legal resources enable us to provide the most compliant and profitable probate claim filing solution in the industry.

Those who routinely scrub and place probate accounts with AIS for processing find that we:

  • Capture Probate Activity, identifying probates for consumers who have yet to be statused as
  • Drive More Estates to Pay, and Typically at a Higher Rate utilizing proprietary follow-up techniques that facilitate claim payments.
  • Mitigate Reputational Concerns with enhanced compliance controls and an operational design linked to today's heightened regulatory environment


Partnering with a trusted and experienced probate servicer like AIS brings financial, operational and reputational benefit to your organization. AIS proudly supports the banking, credit card, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, and utilities industries, as well as debt buying community.



AIS assembles and manages probate data using in-person data collection practices and exclusive data-enhancing technology. As a result, AIS has built one of the most comprehensive probate database in the market.

  • Case information received nightly from in-person information compilers
  • Nationwide, courthouse presence increases data quality and file depth
  • Data collection strategy captures cases other data providers simply do not have


AIS offers a claims administration solution designed to automate and enhance the probate recovery process by matching your accounts to open probated estates and systematically filing accurate and timely claims on your behalf.

  • Monitors and performs routine scrubs of client portfolio to identify all probate matches
  • Proprietary SmartMatch technology provides superior matching logic
  • Systematically generates claim form and confirms county-specific filing requirements are met
  • Files claims prior to mandatory deadlines, tracks for disallowances and executor payments
  • Deploys innovative follow-up procedures to ensure clients receive their fair share of distribution
  • Overcomes common legal obstacles that negatively impact liquidation


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